Compatibility of Deck-Sil®

Over 35 years of research and development with continuous testing confirm Advanced Chemical Technologies, Inc. is a leader in Silane technology. ACT is proud to introduce the Deck-Sil® 1700 System, a uniquely compatible Silane/Epoxy technology that outperforms either technology in concrete infrastructure rehabilitation. Comprised of two unique technologies to deliver an unparalleled dual layer of chloride and water protection.

DECK-SIL® 1700 series is a unique concrete infrastructure sealing system comprised of two well-proven product technologies. These two technologies are applied as a system to provide a dual layer of protection.

The DECK-SIL® 1700 series combines the proven concrete protection of DECK-SIL® PS 1700 silane with the low viscosity crack and surface sealing benefits of DECK-SIL® EP 1700.

DECK-SIL® 1700 series shows a significant increase in penetration of DECK-SIL® PS 1700 silane. This deeper penetration of the silane promotes improved performance of the silane. The combined effect of the DECK-SIL® 1700 series promotes longer bridge life due to deeper silane penetration and the flood coat filling performance of the DECK-SIL® EP 1700.

Deck-Sil® System Benefits



  • Superior chloride reduction
  • Improved freeze thaw resistance
  • Extended life cycle of concrete deck
  • Crack healing and waterproofing
  • Forms deep hydrophobic layer


  • One time surface preparation
  • Single lane closure
  • Reduced traffic control costs
  • Reduced mobilization costs


  • Lower installation costs
  • Lower material costs
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Quicker return to service

Components of the Deck-SIL® System

DECK-SIL® PS 1700 – is a clear penetrating treatment that causes concrete to become repellent to water, chloride, waterborne contaminants and other weathering elements, preventing the premature deterioration of concrete and masonry structures.

DECK-SIL® EP 1700 – two-component, low viscosity, epoxy polymer specially formulated to provide a protective barrier and extend the life of concrete surfaces. The low viscosity allows deep penetration into the smallest cracks, providing a protective barrier against the ingress of water, salts, ions and other waterborne contaminants, thus greatly extending the service life of concrete structures.

Deck-Sil Product Data Sheet PS 1700 Safety Data 
EP 1700 Safety Data Part A / EP 1700 Safety Data Part B  

About Deck-SIL®

ACT Deck-Sil System Texas bridge

Deck-SIL® Penetration Results

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Deck-SIL® Equipment Requirements

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Deck-Sil® 1700 Series Systems Brochure

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