A Leader in silane waterproofing technology since 1976

SIL-ACT® Protects Concrete, Brick, Masonry, and Natural Stone Structures Around the World!

Nationally and internationally, ACT products are approved and used by Departments of Transportation to protect their highway infrastructures. We have the expertise to provide the best products in the market. Advanced Chemical Technologies, Inc. is committed to research and development. We bring to the market the highest quality silane weatherproofing solutions. Our products protect concrete, brick, masonry, and natural stone structures around the world. READ MORE


Oklahoma City-based Advanced Chemical Technologies Inc. (ACT) has developed mixtures and new methods of application for readily available chemicals that have helped make Oklahoma a leader in using organosilanes for the infrastructure protection market.

Organosilanes are organic chemicals where at least one carbon atom has been replaced by a silicon atom. The replacement of carbon by silicon alters the reactivity of the molecule to make it penetrate and then to react with infrastructure substrates such as concrete, limestone and masonry to form a protected surface.

Since providing the first silane-based product to protect a bridge structure more than 40 years ago, ACT has been a leader in the waterproofing market due to its innovative approach and focus on this industry segment. The company also was the first to protect a nuclear power plant with silane. ACT has received 14 U.S. and Canadian patents for its products that have been used worldwide to protect concrete and masonry structures from the destructive forces of water, salt, ion, and chemical pollutant ingression.


FHWA/DOT Silane studies

The testing is complete and the performance is proven.  Since the world’s first silane bridge deck treatment was conducted by Advanced Chemical Technologies, Inc. in August of 1977, millions of dollars in laboratory and field evaluations and more than a decade of independent tests have concluded beyond a shadow of a doubt that SIL-ACT® is the protective treatment of the future.  For strength, for durability, for added life at dramatic cost savings, the test conclusions are unanimous. READ MORE

SIL-ACT® Protects

  • Resistant to wind and driven rain
  • Deep penetration
  • Resistant to chloride
  • No blushing or peeling
  • Keeps substrate cleaner
  • Protects against acid rain damage
  • Resists freeze-thaw damage
  • Prevents mildew growth
  • Outperforms siloxanes
  • No appearance change to surface
  • No yellowing
  • No surface texture change
  • Breathable
  • Resistant to efflorescence and water borne staining
  • Not susceptible to ultraviolet or chemical degradation
  • Resistant to water intrusion

SIL-ACT® Protects Performance

SIL-ACT® products have been tested by:
  • Wiss, Janney, Elstner
  • Nelson Testing Laboratories
  • CTL Group
  • Alberta Transportation and Utilities
  • Numerous state DOT’s
Specified SIL-ACT® Performance Tests:
  • ASTM C-642
  • ASTM C-672
  • ASTM E-514
  • Alberta T&U (1B)
  • AASHTO T-259
  • NCHRP 244

Advantages of SIL-ACT®

  • Stops water and salt intrusion
  • Vapor permeable
  • Permanent chemical bond
  • Deep penetration/forms a penetrated protective layer
  • Does not affect skid resistance
  • Easy to use
  • Cost effective/lower initial cost and longer service life
  • Resists freeze thaw damage
  • Resists acid rain damage
  • Resistant to waterborne staining
  • Extends bridge deck life cycle
  • No appearance change
  • No yellowing
  • No surface texture change
  • Not susceptible to ultraviolet or chemical degradation

The History of SIL-ACT®

  • Over 40 years of research and development with continuous testing confirm Advanced Chemical Technologies, Inc. is a leader in silane technology. The world’s first silane bridge deck treatment was conducted by Advanced Chemical Technologies, Inc. (ACT) in August 1977. Since then SIL-ACT® silane has been used to treat thousands of bridge decks worldwide. In 1982, U.S. Patent #4,342,796 “A method for Inhibiting Corrosion of Internal Structural Members of Reinforced Concrete” was issued to Advanced Chemical Technologies, Inc.

The Chemistry of SIL-ACT®

  • SIL-ACT® is an alkyltrialkoxy silane treatment that permanently weatherproofs concrete and masonry without forming a surface coating. Unlike conventional surface coatings and sealants, SIL-ACT® water repellent products chemically bonds to the substrate. They create a unique, effective water repellent barrier. Once the SIL-ACT® has penetrated the surface, a rapid chemical reaction occurs, where part of the silane molecule evaporates leaving the active portion to adhere to the concrete.
  • This reaction forms a one-way filter where salt, water, chloride ions and staining substances are repelled while vapor passes freely out of the concrete.
  • This actually makes the concrete dryer with age, providing increased protection for reinforcing steel components.