Acrylic Decorative Concrete Sealer

ACT was asked to develop an Acrylic Decorative Concrete sealer that would meet a customer’s specific requirement, thus Sil-Shine was developed. Sil-Shine has high solids and the lowest viscosity Acrylic Sealer on the market today, making for deep penetration, no additional thinners required and a low 350 g/L VOC. Sil-Shine is the perfect coating for Decorative Concrete, Pavers and can be used over dyed concrete.


ACT’s New Patent

Advanced Chemical Technologies is proud to announce the receiving of their latest Patent! The “Deck-Sil Application System” received its Patent this January Keeping ACT on the cutting edge of Water Repellent systems for steel-reinforced Concrete.


World of Concrete

World of Concrete will be held in Las Vegas February 2-6. ACT will be in attendance hosting several meetings with Customers and Suppliers making sure that they stay on the cutting edge of Waterproofing innovations.

National Industry Member of TSP-2

ACT is proud to be a “National Industry Member” of TSP-2, the Bridge Preservation Partnership. TSP-2 is a National Organization that hosts 4 regional meetings annually comprising of bridge practitioners from State, Federal Agencies, Canadian Provinces, Contractors, Consultants, Suppliers, and Academia in a sharing of bridge preservation practices.